Packers Fan Ticket Takeover Contest


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This is one of my wife's very good friends daughter. She has been pushing the voting and won this thing. Very cool for Tom, Jen and Emily. She's an awesome little girl

In the comments, some fan has already agreed to pay for Jen to join them.

After over 8,000 photos were submitted and 16,000 votes counted, the Packers Everywhere community has spoken. Eight-year-old Emily Sperduto of Oxford, N.J., is the winner of the Ticket Takeover Contest. She will serve as the face of the Packers for a week, with her photo featured on over 80,000 tickets for the 2013 Fan Appreciation Game vs. Pittsburgh, Dec. 22, at Lambeau Field.

Her father, Tom Sperduto, who entered Emily and took the photo, is waiting until just the right time to surprise her with the news. He wants her mother, Jen, to film it when he gets back in town. In addition to Emily being on the tickets, they get a pair of tickets for that game. They’ve also won round-trip flights to Green Bay and hotel lodging for the weekend.

“She is going to go crazy,” he said. “I get emotional thinking about the memories that will come from this trip. Doing something we love together, for me it’s overwhelming. I already think about the future and what it will be like when we look back at the experience.

“I feel like we will be part of the team by having her face represent the Packers on that ticket. It’s a pretty awesome feeling. I can’t express what it will be like.”

Prior to watching Packers games on TV, for years Sperduto and Emily have had quick daddy-daughter photo shoots to warm up. In a neighborhood full of Giants and Jets fans, they’re known as the lone “Packers family,” and Emily will pose in her jersey, oversized cheesehead or with her Packers toys and show off while the shutter clicks.

The Packers green background in the photo is the color of his family room. She is standing below a Packers stock certificate, as Sperduto became a shareholder in the last stock offering.

While Emily has been on “pins and needles” during the Ticket Takeover voting, all of that posing practice made perfect. Though a lifetime fan of the Packers, Tom has never been able to make the trek from New Jersey to Green Bay, so the trip in December will be even more special. Sperduto’s work schedule has made coming to Lambeau Field nearly impossible in the past.

Tom has spent the last 20-plus years in the military. He’s now in the Coast Guard after previously serving in the Marine Corps as an infantryman. He was in Operation Iraqi Freedom and has also had his boots on the ground in 29 countries.

Before the contest and Emily’s winning flex – where she mixed her two favorite players by teaming a Clay Matthews pose with an Aaron Rodgers jersey – Sperduto had been formulating a plan to come to Lambeau. He’s in his final year of service with the Coast Guard, and he was transferred to Boston.

“I own my home in New Jersey, so for this year in Boston I bought an RV to live in since it is just one year before I retire. I thought it might be a good way to come to Green Bay one day and see a game. Now, Emily and I will be able to fly there. It’s been on my ‘bucket list’ forever.”

When they arrive, Emily will be the “Face of the Packers” when the team takes on the Steelers.

“She is a die-hard fan for an eight-year-old,” he said. “She has been asking about the contest every day. I thought all of the photos were great, and we had some friends and family vote. For her to be on a ticket is like a dream come true.”
Wow. It'll give me somethin' to look forward to when my season tickets show up this summer.

Packer fans are kinda that way ... they will do neat things for perfect strangers who are also Packer fans. Once, when I took my kid to a game at Lambeau, somebody down the aisle gave him a Packers knit cap. Even walking through the parking lot, it's not uncommon for folks to invite you to join their tailgate party for some light snacks and liquid refreshments.

By the way, I'm thinking of taking a weekend football trip in mid-December; to Abilene on Saturday the 14th for the UIL finals and then to Jerry's World for the Packers and the Cowboys on the 15th...

Oh, and Granger ... my offer remains open, anytime you want Packer tickets, let me know.
had something similar happen at Jerry World. I was walking through the parking lot and got held up............................ no wait..... that was just the parking lot attendant........