Open dates / teams


Six-man master
I finally got around to updating the open dates / teams page so now all you coaches looking for games can more easily find other schools that are open.

Please note that this will list all schools that don't have a game, whether it be a BYE week or if they're OPEN. The school name will link to the team's full schedule, as we have it listed, so you can find out which it's likely to be.

Just wanted to bump this as a reminder for coaches to know where to look for active six-man schools without games in a given week. Reminder that this will list teams that don't have a game listed on our schedule, whether it's a BYE, OPEN or a game we're simply missing in our schedule.

Right now, unfortunately, there is not. I'll be adding something in the future for coaches to set that in their schedules but it's just not something that I've gotten to just yet.