My sixman goal is accomplished! Thank You


Six-man fan
Some of you know i have been on here for years
trying to get the State Game at a Predetermined site.
Many said No way! [Clearing my throat] Guru,Many said sounds good...
Finally it was done!!!,,,Always made to much sense not to have it
that way..
2.A East playoff doubleheader in Hico,,the friday after Thanksgiving,
Seems i lobbied for that for several years.Done!
I hope that this will the first of many,many,more Doubleheader's
in that cool town of Hico the day after Thanksgiving..
My only question is,,What took so long?
Thanks RS,,now if ya'll would only give in and be a part
of week zero in Hico,
Bring rain gear...
Maybe we could call it markf and elmo's first annual
Holiday Double Header..Hook Em..
Press,,i'll be looking for you..