Montana teaching and coaching vacancies


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Lima High School has just had a business teacher position open up. All the details are on the Montana Office of Public Instruction web site or call the school at 406-276-3571. Any additional certificates would be helpful, but music will be of particular interest.

Coaching positions that are still available at Lima - Co-head/assistant football coach (long story, but if you want to be head coach I could be your assistant next year), Boys basketball assistant, Girls basketball head coach.

Lima, MT is a little town of 300 that sits on Monida Pass (southern most tip of MT) along I-15. We are at an elevation of 6200 ft with mountains all around. The scenery is spectacular, blue ribbon hunting and fishing opportunitys are literally right out the back door. Most of the land around here is public and can be explored at will. Our high school has 30 students and plays in the Class C sports division. Boys have been playing 6-man for 10-12yrs now and we are in the new Western conference.

Money isn't great, but the expenses up here are less as well. Housing is available around town, and comfortable family homes can still be found for around $100,000.

Soooo, if you are sick of 100 degree days? Give Lima a thought. It was a chilly 40 degrees here this morning and warmed up all the way to about 80 this afternoon. Winters start in November and this year it was still snowing occasionally in early-June at this elevation. We are 100 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart, and 50 miles from the grocery store. It is andawesome place to raise a family.
Sounds great! However the only way I can convince my wife (who is also a HS teacher) to leave Toronto is if the weather is an improvement on snowy Canada. ;)