Mark your calendars ... Friday June 26th


Six-man pro
Okay, I think we're close to the point of no-return ...

Friday, June 26th
Seguin Lifegate Christian School
One-day six-man football coaches clinic.

We will feature speakers on offense, defense, special teams, and at least one member of the Texas Lutheran University coaching staff will be here to talk about blocking/tackling techniques. There will also be breakout chalk-talk small group sessions to discuss strategy and we'll close out the day with an "Ask the experts" roundtable.

Full details, including cost (which will include lunch), will follow probably in the middle of February or early March.

We will also host a six-on-six passing tournament the following day (June 27) and for those interested, Texas Lutheran will also be hosting their football clinic for boys entering grades 7-12 (more information at or call 830-372-8120; the 2008 brochure is still on their website).

For information on the clinic, contact
John Taddy - [email protected] - 210-378-3121

For information on the six-on-six, contact
John Rabon - [email protected] - 830-372-0850 (school)
There may also be a second six-on-six tournament in July

UPDATED 01/24/09

I will be a first year coach next year for the 2009 season and I would be interested in a clinic in Seguin. I went to Texas State so a return to to my alma mater in San Marcos would be nice.

Coach Bear