Look'n for FB-BB-Trk Position

Coach Ware

11-man fan
My name is Wayne Ware.

I'm looking for a (UIL/Public School) coaching position in Football and/or basketball (Head or Asst - Preferably Head FB Coach).
I've been coaching for 14 years (Athletic Director for 7 yrs) with my most recent success at Dickinson Pine Drive Christian School.
I've gained my 6-man knowledge from Vance Jones, Ken Hoskins, Mike Reed, Toby Goodwin and Brett Tyler.

I'm EC-12 Physcial Education Certified.
I'm scheduled to take the following certification exams:
4-8 science (#116)
4-8 social studies (#118)
8-12 History (#133)

If you are searching for a coach to build a VERY COMPETITIVE program and someone willing to stay for the long haul, then please contact me at [email protected] -OR- 832.561.1138

Available upon request:
EC-12 Certification, Resume w/references, letters of recommendation

**Wife is Texas Certified grades 1-6 (self contained)**

Let me be the first to wish you "THE BEST" in finding a coaching/teaching position. We really enjoyed watching you build a PROGRAM at Dickinson Pine Drive.

Well, Once again, Good Luck and Best Wishes to you