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I've often wondered about the pictures on the site homepage. I understand the Borden county sign. But I don't know who # 5 from Witheral is. Pretty sure # 3 is Tyler Ethridge of Richland Springs, understand that reasoning. #4 is hard to tell (I need a bigger newer monitor).
#5, Who is # 34 of the ? Bulldogs, is that a State Trophy he's holding modestly?
The Woodson Picture was suppose to be Robert Perez is why I heard and instead the accidentally posted a pic of a freshman.
No, I remember Coach A talking about the kid pictured there. He was a Mexican kid who really perservered going from an awkward freshman to a senior star player.
On the main page, the 'split' photo has the 82-6 Richland Springs game from the 1994 RS-Star game where the scoreboard read 82-6 at halftime. RS was trying to score 100, except they fumbled a punt, allowing Star to score and slowing things down a bit.

Below is one of the Baeza brothers from Borden County, taken at the 1997 final vs. Panther Creek at Abilene Wylie.
Cherry5":m0nemz8k said:
Dogface it is no longer up and running.
Im not real sure what that has to do with saying lyle should have his picture up top.
Everybody here could say
this player or that player
SHOULD be on here.

I was merely pointing out that Gordon
was already blessed,
(at one point at least),
to have (several actually) websites
that they could plaster with whomever they wished!!
Good grief!
If it was me,
I'd have Lyle's image on posters,
letterhead and bronzed statues
with him holding a big Subway sandwich.

(What he did AFTER HS
is WAY better than anything he did during!)
a. true, but cannot remember if I fixed it. (sadly, I am dead serious)
b. where can we start making donations to have Lyle bronzed eating a Subway sandwich for downtown Gordon?