Great Story and Huge Thank You

6/11 Man Fan

11-man fan
My name is Troy Robertson and my son is Taylor. Taylor just won the State Championship for the Wimberley Texans as the starting Right Tackle. There's the story in the Austin American Statesman: ... 30711.html

Taylor was blessed to play for the San Marcos Panthers (#56) in 2009 and 2010 (winning the TCAL D2 Championship in 2010). Just thought it was neat that he has a 6-Man and 11-Man Title. What an amazing blessing TCAL and all involved were to Taylor and our family! We loved 6-man ball. Where else could a 6'7-300 pounder get to run, catch and score td's?! It was an amazing experience. He loves 11-man ball as well. Playing just the o-line is so different, but he's adjusted and hopefully will be taking his game to the next level.

Our family will be forever grateful to Coach Hall of the Panthers and we'll always have the memories of hard fought battles with Annapolis and Tribe. Just wanted to say thanks.