Great Job Paducah and Rule

Unfortunatly, they both lost in the State Semifinals the Rule score was 61-39 and the Paducah score was 66-54. I don't know the details of the Paducah game, but Rule got off to a very slow start. Rule's shooting percentage to start the game was something like 3 for 29. When they finally got going they were already down by too much. Laneville is a very good team. I'm not sure how they were only ranked #15. They played in the state championship last year also but lost.
I am proud of you Rule basketball. It is a great accomplishment to make it to the state tournament, especially when you were playing football while everyone else was practicing in the gym. It's ok to be disappointed, but hold your heads high--remember how many of us didn't get to the "Big Dance".
Now rest a bit then go out there and win a track state championship. Imagine that: state finals in football, state tournament in basketball and a possible repeat in track, all in one year. AMAZING.
I am also proud of the way you have helped to prove that 6-man players can excell beyond 6-man, that there are many great athletes in the small schools throughout the state. Be proud of all this.
Well said BE! I myself am very proud to be a Rule alumni. This group of kids have definetly set a new standard for future Bobcats to live up to. They have out done any previous Rule teams, and have done it in every sport. Advancing that far for two years in a row in every sport is quite an accomplishment. Like BE said rest up and get ready to repeat in Track.