Football Visors

Hockey Dad wrote:
> What is the rule on players wearing a clear football visor? Is there
> anything against wearing one?

It may be among the "lost posts," but NCAA, UIL and TAPPS prohibit TINTED visors. Clear visors are okay.

But I'm not sure that's always a good choice either. Seems I remember reading about a crowded football team somewhere in the Golden Triangle (Beaumont area) that at half time, noticed the kids were close to passing out. They realized that the visors were restricting the air flow in the helmet. They took off their visors and did one heck of a lot better.

The tinted visors (ala NFL) are cool. But the problem is that in a severe neck/head injury, the tint makes it difficult for coaches and emergency personnel to see the movement of the eyes. A few years back, there was a rule that permitted colored visors if determined necessary for medical reasons (which no medical professional could identify) -- but it seems there was at least one team who had lots of medical permissions for tinted visors, all compliments of ophtamologist doctor daddy who wrote the scripts.
Rule 1-4-6-c -- Eye shields. Eye shields must be clear, not tinted, and made from molded or
rigid material. No medical exceptions are allowed.