Don't Cry Granger


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I think it is a mute point. It wont mean anything in a couple of years anyway when A-Rod breaks it!


Former Ranger Juan Gonzalez would have been real close,If he only had a good head on his shoulders,That's another juiced story,What a Waste.


Michael Young Joins Wade Boggs and Ichiro Suzuki as the only three players since 1940 with five consecutive seasons of 200 or more Hits!

I had the pleasure to witness this today,Greatness,Curtain Call,Plus Young was removed from the game during the game,Standing ovation,I for one was standing.

Playing in Texas Young does not receive the recongition he would if he were playing in a bigger market...
I salute Michael Young. GREAT BASEBALL PLAYER..


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Great guy, too. He deserves so much more respect. I think he gets it from those in the game, but since we're not on one of the coasts, the general public/baseball fan doesn't see it.

MY is the Texas Rangers right now, and I salute him for representing us as he does.