Do these ranking make any sense?


11-man fan
I am concerned that we (TCAL) use this ranking system to determine the playoff contestants and the playoff seeding. West Columbia is a great example. They lost their first two games - by 8 to a good FEAST team and 11 to a very good Houston Emery-Weiner team. Then they proceeded to win 10 straight games. During this 10 game winning streak they drop from 164 points to 42 points. How does this make sense? I don't know much about football but I do know a little about computers. There are really only two areas to have problems. First, the formula they are using or second, the data input. Does anyone have the ability to check either of these? So many Varsity teams play JV teams that I wonder if maybe the data has been entered incorrectly.

The second example would be FEAST. They continue to be 45 point underdogs (against Corpus Christi Annnapolis, Parker Tarrant) and when after the "upset" the losing team will plummet in the ratings (CCA went down 55 and PT went down 80) but FEAST doesn't go up in the ratings, they go down.

At this pace no one will play FEAST next year. They are like a plague to your ratings.
some also fear that teams, knowing they will get into the playoffs regardless of how they play, will play varsity players for only short periods in games then play JV players. As long as they get into playoffs they save their varsity players for the playoff games. Some teams 45 others and go down while others get beat by 60 and go up. Definately an interesting system, possibly thought up along with the stimulus package. If we continue to spend surely the economy will turn around. I know there is a logic to it some where, we just need a serious explanation. :shock: :shock:
I don't understand it either. How can 45ing a team that was supposed to 45 you make you DROP??? FEAST dropped after that Parker Tarrant game. How did Parker Tarrant even GET a rating like they did anyway?? Have you seen their schedule?? Half of their games were aginst 0-8 teams, some of which they played twice. FEAST consistently played harder games. Maybe West Columbia slipped because of strength of schedule?!? But why not then parker Tarrant?