Dear Sidesaddle


Six-man fan
Dear Sidesaddle,

Well, I jest think it iz neat that our two fine skools git to square off again here in the playoffs. I jest iz heartbroke though that I won't done git to be thare and done see yew in all yur glory. I gotz to go to weddin in Okiehomie, but don/t yew think fer a minute that I won't be thare in spirit. I jest hate, hate, hate I won't git to see yew doin' yur thang. Those intense sessions of coachin' durin' warmups and stretchin' iz prolly whut I will done miss the most. Yew with the hand jestures, yew with the insiteful words, yew with the handclappin', yew breakin' a good sweat fer all the fans to see jest how good yew iz at yur craft. I will done miss that. I will also miss seein' yew fer the fashion plate yew iz on the sidelines. I enjoyed the tie from last year's Calvert game, but it done seems yew has retired the tie. But thare ain't nuthin' to worry bout cuz yew iz a coachin' fashion plate no matter the attire. Good luck Coach and enjoy the drive jest like we done did last year.