Custom shirts for small schools


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Hello fellow coaches,
I’m posting this because I’m trying to be a good husband and help my wife out, but also trying to help you guys out because I know how tight money can be for small schools. My wife started a custom shirt business back in October and it’s grown faster than we ever expected. But she does great work. The business has grown so much that she’s able to leave her current full time job in order to do shirts full time.

If you are interested in custom shirts for your players (pre-game shirts, undershirts for game nights, warm-up shirts, etc.) then feel free to email, text, or call me and I’ll get you connected with her. Prices are $15 a shirt for XL and $18 for any shirt 2X and up. Bulk order discount can be discussed.

My number is 817-733-2566
My email is [email protected]
Not a coach, but I will pass this on to our booster club, since they do the team gear. Is the price of shipping free, per shirt, by weight, etc?