Corpus Christia Annapolis


11-man fan
I've been hearing their name mentioned a lot lately on here. I remember watching film on them a couple of years ago. Have they gotten in influx of talent or have those kids just improved that much in a short amount of time? I'm not being critical of Annapolis, just curious..oh and who are their playmakers?
nothing much really, that they have decent athleticism, scrappy, and are deserving of a much higher ranking. I wasn't really sure and personally don't know anything about them. I was just curious. I saw film on them a while back and they weren't good at all, but a lot can happen to these teams, especially with transfers.
I am one of the Coaches of Corpus Christi Annapolis Christian Academy. I have been with ACA for 5 years now and I would say that this is the fastest/hardest hitting team we have coached so far. We have a great school/community that has rallied round this team. This season we have a new school, field (88 pallets of Bermudian), field house (weight and locker room), but most importantly we have a group of guys that are just hungry to win. As for the new players, there really aren't any... it's just a group of guys that decided that this year they wanted to win so they worked hard this season to put themselves in a position to do just that.

Coach Daniel Borrer
Thats what you need- hard hitting players with a desire to win and of course SPEED is always a big deal in 6-man. The weight room itself usually makes a big difference in a ball club in a short period of time..if those athletes take advantage of it. Bulverde Bracken was one of those teams who greatly benefitted from their weight room. It was the same group of kids but they had been working hard all year round. Good luck on the season Coach