Blue Bird

Six-man pro
I have been trying the last couple of days to get in on the UIL website and get a look at the smalls schools basketball playoff brackets. I have had zero luck. Can anyone post that bracket on this website? Thanks.
Thanks again Granger. Funny, I found a bracket earlier today in the strangest place. In the Abilene paper. Sometimes I just get tunnel vision on where to look for things.
Granger, will you be keeping the brackets updated for all to see? Thanks for everything. Also where can I find a listing with all the districts and schools in them? Post the link for me Granger, I know you can do it. Later.
St.Alban's Varsity boys basketball team is looking for a warm -up game on thursday 2-15-07 at St.Alban's at 7:00 or 7:30 pm. We are looking to play a UIL 1A or 2A district champion or runner up . Please call coach Brian Rodricks if you are interested 682-553-2205.