All is saved!!


Six-man fan
Guvner Goodhair, Rick Perry
was on the nightly news the other night
and mentioned several things
about his 6man playin days !
smokeyjoe53":c4w3k42d said:
I say we start a grassroots campaign for JO for prez. Dogface could be the VP. OBK would make a great Secretary of State.
I second the motion. Dogface would make a great VP- they talk too much and accomplish nothing! (sorry dogface, I just couldn't resist it. )
It's sure a sad country if Rick Perry is considered the savior ... but then again, who'd a thunk that the current lot could screw it up so quickly. If it's Perry vs Obama, I'll vote for the Good Hair Aggie.

I remember a great joke about Perry from the 2006 election, where he had three opponents.

There are only three people in Texas that Rick Perry could beat in an election. Fortunately for Rick Perry, all three are his opponents this year.
I'd be honored to serve
any way I could.
At school the VP is
Vice Principal.
He usually does all the discipline.
I used to try to do all of that around here.
But y'all have been so good lately,
I'm prolly gonna give you a free day today!
Have fun at Hico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!