2023 Head Coaches


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Good morning! My name is Jon Walk with the Lone Star Christian Sports Network (LSCSN). We cover everything that isn't the UIL, as much as we possibly can, and support Mike here and Jerry with PigskinPrep.

I cross-referenced the teams that they both have in their site and then started to pull the head coaches from who turned their questionnaire into Dave Campbell's Texas Football (those are bolded in black). Those that have (RO) is what is currently listed in TAPPS Rank One, (MP) is MaxPreps, and things like ** is just a note that I got it off the school's website.

If you can help me fill in the blanks, point out any changes that need to be made, etc., please let me know.

Our Twitter handle is @TeamLSCSN. (Used to be @LSCSN for 14 years, but when Twitter reset a bunch of not so strong passwords, in an effort to get more people to blue check, we had an e-mail address in the profile that we could no longer access.)

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I'm not the coach.

Longview East Texas Christian is incorrect.

We are:

East Texas Homeschool Sports (ETHS)
TAIAO, Division 2 according to MP, (according to this site, Division 1)
Eric Trimble