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    6 on 6 @ Fannindel

    Fannindel ISD will be hosting a 6 on 6 passing tournament on Saturday, May 21. If you are interested in participating, please contact Wayne Ware at or by text/phone at 806-422-0817 Entry Fee $100, make checks payable to : Fannindel ISD High School
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    Fannindel ...

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    Team Logos

    Fannindel Falcons
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    Fannindel ...

    Fannindel (UIL D2) needs October 7, week 7 football game. Please contact Wayne Ware at 806.422.0817 or We will be very LOW on numbers (8 HS players) and VERY YOUNG. Needs to be an away game. Neutral Site could be done BUT ...... WITH-IN REASON .......
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    Fannindel ISD ....

    Fannindel ISD, located in Ladonia Texas, has the following positions open: 1) Head Volleyball Coach / Teaching Subject - Math / Science / Social Studies : Experience - Knowledge of volleyball rules 2) Asst Football Coach (offensive coordinator) / Teaching Subject - Science / Social Studies ...
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    Fannindel - Games Needed

    Fannindel ISD, located in Ladonia Texas, will be starting volleyball this up-coming 2022-23 school year. This will be our first season to participate in the sport. We will play an outlaw schedule during the 2022-23 school year and we're looking for JH/HS games/tournaments. If interested in...
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    Week 1 Host/Site Needed...

    location filled .......
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    Fannindel is looking to add 1 team to their 2nd Scrimmage (Aug 19/5:30 start) Also looking to fill Sept 16 / Week 4 Wayne Ware 806-422-0817 cell
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    Week 1 Host/Site Needed...

    Would anyone be willing to host Bluff Dale vs Fannindel for 2022 & 2023. Would prefer some place between both schools. This will be week 1, Aug 25 (Thursday) or Aug 26 (Friday). If interested in hosting, please contact Wayne Ware 806-422-0817 (Fannindel) Wade Johnson 903-638-1467 (Bluff Dale)
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    Way Too Early Preseason POLL

    I for one would add: - Borden County - Gordon - Garden City
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    2022-24 Realignment D2 ... Estimated Guess

    Region 1 1- Darrouzett, Groom, Hedley, Lefors, Hart 2-Silverton, Cotton Center, Lazbuddie, Whitharral, Amherst 3-Welch Dawson, Loop, Wilson, Southland 4-Balmorhea, Dell City, Grandfalls-Royalty, Sierra Blanca, Sanderson Region II 5-Blackwell, Bronte, Loraine, Paint Rock, Trent 6-Aspermont...
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    2nd Week Scrimmage

    Fannindel HS is looking to host a 4 team football scrimmage. Will be the 2nd week scrimmage. If interested in participating, please contact me at 806-422-0817 Looking at Friday starting at 6:00pm
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    UIL Conference Cutoff Numbers and Preliminary Enrollment Figures for 2022-2024 Reclassification & Realignment

    Moving to 11 man ...... Water Valley Sterling City We can officially welcome Burkeville, Menard, High Island