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    Abbott vs Blum

    This should be a good game!
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    Congrats Abbott!

    It turned out to be a lot closer then it should have been, but Aquilla never gave up and played hard to the end. Turnovers hurt both teams. #18 for Aquilla had a great game. Congratulations to Aquilla on a great season. If Abbott picks up their defense and utilizes their passing game, they...
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    Well it has happen! Abbott vs Aquilla in the quarterfinals . . . I say Abbott by 16.
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    Any thoughts on Abbott & Aquilla's first round playoff games. I say they both win in round one. I would love to see them meet up again in the playoffs!
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    2013 Pre-Season Rankings

    I think Abbott will be right there with them.
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    Abbott vs Throck

    Abbott made all but one of their PAT's, however that was not even a factor because Throckmorton made all of theirs and scored more touchdowns. Congratulations to Throckmorton, they are a step above the rest with their passing game. Who knew a passing game could be more effective than a running...
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    Abbott vs Throck

    I think these two teams are evenly matched and the team that converts on the point after attempts will win. If Abbott can keep Throck's passing game in check they have an even better shot at victory. I'm gonna say Abbott by 12!
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    2012 District Champs - Abbott Panthers

    The game I watched Abbott won 54 to 0 against Avalon.
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    2012 District Champs - Abbott Panthers

    Abbott 155 vs Aquilla, Avalon & Bynum (district opponents) 0 Congratulations Abbott and good luck in the playoffs!
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    The Game is near

    I'm pretty sure this game will end early, but you never know! I say it will be 52 to 6 Abbott.
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    pre prediction

    1. Abbott 2. Avalon 3. Aquilla 4. Bynum
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    An odd Week 2

    @ tybo: I wasn't at the Oakwood vs Zephyr game, so I have no ideal if Zephyr played soft. I do know that Zephyr has had some bad luck with injuries of late. In reference to the Abbott vs Milford game; I will be the first to say that Milford has a solid team and deserved to win. All I'm...
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    An odd Week 2

    If Abbott stays healthy there's no doubt they will win district. Looking at the remainder of their schedule they will most likely finish 9-1; however if they continue to play as soft as they did against Milford their playoff run will be short lived. Hopefully they will become more aggressive...
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    Great Season Abbott!

    Abbott players keep your head up, you had a great season. You guys played with a lot of heart. All of us Abbott alumni and fans are very proud of you. Congratulations on a great season! Seniors you did a great job of leading the way this year. Everyone showed great sportsmanship and that...
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    Where are the Abbott Fans?

    Cowboy, why would the Abbott players and fans want the support of someone who does nothing but put them down and call them "rabbits". Think about it!