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    12 Mighty Orphans

    Greatness! Bought movie off Amazon. I saw Masonic Home play in Trinidad just before they shut down,nobody Zero was sitting Might Mites side, wife and i sat on FWM side only to have two cheerleaders do their cheers. Somewhere in the is archive of me talking about the coach of...
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    Time For a Comeback!

    Thank you Mike
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    Alan Barber Passes Away

    RIP Mr.Barber
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    d2 State champs game

    This is NO a joke! Just got word from COACH BURKHART that the State Championship Game with Balmorhea has been CANCELED due to Balmorhea having a COVID outbreak. Please share with everyone as soon as possible. Thx Richland Springs
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    d2 State champs game

    Saw where the RS Bal game canceled due to the virus Really?
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    2020 PLAYOFFS -- week 12 -- confirmed info only

    Throckmorton vs Trinidad friday 730 @Iradell
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    Trinidad 34 Gold -Berg 22
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    Trinidad 46 Campbell 0
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    Larry Mantle passes away

    RIP Larry ,As a kid we had one mlb game televised a week on a Saturday afternoon 90% of the time it was the Yankees the Mantle name was a gathering around the tv on a Saturday Mickey Mantle Roger Maris and a lot more than yall would know,other than Oldbearkat ,Falstaff beer commercials a...
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    Mr. Trump

    I'm growing what they call Trinidad Scorpions peppers, My Lord,a beautiful red pepper with a beautiful plant,the pepper just to Hot..dang
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    Martin's Mill Head Boys Basketball

    That would be a very good job,Basketball powerhouse in East Texas.
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    School Closures

    Mesquite, the same.
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    Mr. Trump

    Was the tearing premeditated? Did she (it)have it already planned to rip? She sure kept looking that way towards her kin. One side was happy other side angry with sour puss faces..I like Happy!
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    Bob Lilly played 6 Man Football.

    Jack Pardee
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    Congratulations Blum