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    Recruiting.... Again... is this the norm now?

    Like they say, a leopard never changes their spots.
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    Recruiting.... Again... is this the norm now?

    Winning at all costs is prevalent in the professional sports, now in college with the transfer portal, and apparently in high school sports. Athletes are becoming cry babies if they can't be on a winning team. Contracts don't mean anything. Integrity and character are out the window. Skirting...
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    Thoughts on Coach Lee to aquilla?

    Some people always need a new challenge or project. More power to them. And, more power to them if they get more money. We should all try to achieve our best regardless of what field we work in and if someone wants to pay us more for those efforts, would you turn them down? Just an opinion.
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    Congrats to Vance Jones!!

    Congratulations to Coach Jones and the Balmoreah Bears. Your hard work and dedication has paid off. Coach Jones fits the mold of some of the older coaches from the past like Thomas Hyde, Clarence Speiker, Ed Poehls, and many others that my memory fails to remember. They were in it for the kids...
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    Spanking the Rankings

    Well, things are getting back to normal!
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    Mr. Trump

    I agree with you on the Supreme Court as well. I don't care what anyone thinks; the older you get the worse your memory gets and the less you should be making decisions for our country. And, I resemble that remark!
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    Mr. Trump

    The only way to get our government back is to have term limits on all Congressional positions. You are not supposed to get into government to make money. Check out how much each person in Congress was worth before they got in office, and compare it to what each is worth now. Clean them all out...
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    That's great to hear! That's what life is all about. Thankful to all those who had a part in making that possible for him. Good luck to his future.
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    Heard some rumo(RS)...

    Pass the popcorn, please!
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    Heard some rumo(RS)...

    Let's hope this is just a rumor for everyone's sake!
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    Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble, when your're perfect in every way...………………………… Have a good day!
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    Strength and conditioning

    I thought printing counterfeit money was the same thing. I'm not too smart but I think I've got this figured out.
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    "The Drunken Reverend"

    And I thought someone was a poet and didn't know it. I thought someone put a lot of thought into ripping someone and didn't know this was a song. The level of intelligence on this site is raising and I'm lowering it. Good gravy.
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    Everybody chomping at the bit to get back to sports. Why don't everybody chill out and give the kids a summer off. Summer leagues, etc. don't allow kids to rest their bodies and recoup. No wonder so many knee injuries occur. Bodies need rest like us old folks do. But what do I know. So much...
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    Wish I had a co-worker like you Blue Bird. Silence is sometimes golden.