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    Top teams D1 and D2 2023

    RS won in 2010, 2011, 2012.
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    D1 East Contenders

    So the rumor about the GOAT moving back was just that?
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    D1 East Contenders

    Will Gordon be able to handle Strawn this season?
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    Bill to prohibit UIL from penalizing athletic transfer kids

    No sir, he should have to sit out one year of varsity just like any other player that moves for athletic reasons.
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    Playing JV is kinda like taking a shower with a raincoat on. Not much point to it.
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    The facts are, I know the truth. We will see if the UIL knows the truth on Monday. i wonder how long it would take to pay off a slander settlement on school employee pay? There may be some looking for oil field jobs in west Texas.
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    You are absolutely correct. It is a “fact-less conspiracy theory”! And, just to stay on topic, the entire RS coaching staff is “underrated“, as they have to put up with this BS every year! They are much better people than I would be, taking the high road letting all of these accusations just...
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    First Amendment

    I’m personally glad that you shut that topic down, along with several others. When one person can start a falsehood rolling and get others to buy in and build on it, it begins to resemble our nations capital! Russia, Russia, Russia!!
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    Who will shock the world

    Just think about how much “sweeter” it would be if you had 6 HOMEGROWN kids, all from one family, like 3 sets of twins? And maybe a girl or two on the team to make it more socially acceptable! No outsiders! You might want to start working on that! lol
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    week 1 upsets

    I believe that was Gordon.
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    Ol Burkie and hiz RS record

    If I have read the archives correctly, Jerry Burkhart has lost a total of 13 games at RS. 4 Regular season losses, 9 Playoffs losses. 3 of his 13 losses over the 18 years have been by the mercy rule. All 3 were playoff games.
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    Ol Burkie and hiz RS record

    Like always Tex, you have no earthly idea what you are talking about. Just running your mouth. Again.
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    2022 early predictions

    The preseason rankings are usually pretty darned accurate. The part that can’t be predicted is injuries. If the May stud hadn’t been hurt the outcome could have been way different. If Westbrook stud had been injured the outcome would have been different. RS can testify to those scenarios...
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    Coaching Carousel 2022

    So, Lee retired?
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    Numbers Thread

    Extra large Freshman class!