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    state track meet

    No, but I've watched the 400m dash being run after midnight before (1992). The only time it was moved weekends, was the swine flu year.
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    Marfa coaching jobs open

    Basketball position has been filled. Still needing a girls coach.
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    Sixman trivia

    That's a little confusing....i would think those are the three base "plays" of the Y formation...not the three base "sets". I would like to see this "Y" formation.
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    2015 Coaching Changes

    I think the 10 days is only for administrative positions, which athletic director falls under. If it's not AD, the job doesn't need to be posted. Schools can offer it to someone they have in mind, etc. And the actual posting can be anywhere public, doesn't have to be on an internet site...
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    2015 Coaching Changes

    or Option 3: He is still officially the HFC at Grady, and it is not officially open.
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    State game conflict

    wow, classy
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    State game conflict

    The sixman games aren't affected. 2A-6A are, though.
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    No. They hired Coach Ski from Lefors.
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    Monday Night Sixman Football Chat

    I'll definitely try to be on there,
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    Marfa JV, Oct. 15

    Marfa JV is looking for a game on Oct. 15. Can meet at a neutral site.
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    Marfa coaching jobs open

    We are needing the following two positions: Head Boys Basketball Assistant Girls Head Basketball coach will also coach golf, assist with football, and possibly cross country Girls coach will assist with volleyball (JH), basketball (JV), and either softball or track. Possibly cross country...
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    Trending Success

    Nazareth no longer has a VB program (haven't for a while), but I do know they have a state championship or two in that sport, as well.
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    Wristbands. Signalling was a waste of time. I just yell the color-number and the players echo it. Our base plays were on the wristband twice, just in case the opponent started to know what "Red 1" was (for example)...we also had code words for our base plays....that way we could just yell the...