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    New Forum Colors

    Very cool, I like it 👍🏼🏈
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    Braxton Etheridge from SLE looks to be joining Rigdon also
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    Rigdon To Benjamin

    Well that is the top Tier 😂😂
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    Rigdon To Benjamin

    Solid source
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    Rigdon To Benjamin

    Grayson Rigdon will be wearing a Benjamin Mustangs helmet in 2022.
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    Early Predictions

    Benjamin will have a good year but won’t get close to AT&T in my opinion. But that new field is definitely going to be nice.
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    UIL Reclassification and Realignment Information

    I would be a bit unhappy if I were in D1 District 8. Total of 6 teams and most of them could be playoff teams. They could have moved Rotan to District 4 and made it 5 teams each.
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    Way Too Early Preseason POLL

    Yes you can definitely tell what area I’m in lol. I was fortunate enough to actually see all those teams play. Many teams in the east and in the far west I don’t ever get to see. But definitely already looking forward to next year.
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    Way Too Early Preseason POLL

    Valley Happy Borden County Knox City Just a few
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    Thank You!

    You did a fantastic job Mike, and thank you so much for bringing this page back to life. 6 man football is something special and it’s really cool having a website with all the information you have on here. Wish we could have met at the game Thursday maybe next year 👍
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    Saint Jo vs Groom

    I’d say ST Jo by 25/30 points
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    Who in D1 and D2 will make it to the semifinals

    D1 SPLE Sterling City Abbott May D2 Motley County / Strawn
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    Knox City 72 Paducah 56
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    Games of the Week

    Knox City @ Paducah should be a good game. Paducah is playing good football and Knox City is super young but very talented. KC has won the last 8 games in a row dating back to 2009.
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    Wake Up II

    BC is young and will be very good next year. Similar to Knox City, Callaway schedules hard in non-districts it prepares them for a good district fight. Jayton, Motley County, May and Ira, the first 4 games and they had a good shot of winning the first and the last, but came up short.