11-man fan
I know football is all the rage right now, but lets talk basketball. Who are the favorites/contenders for boys in 1A TAPPS?

Coach Peters
Christway Academy
I'd have to say that Dallas Tyler Street may be pretty tough; not sure how many kids they're returning from last year's squad, but it should be enough. Only problem is that a lot of sixman schools are going to be playing football at least a month, maybe two, into buckets season and that will give a lot of those commie-infiltrated, socialist, lefty non-football schools a head up on us true blue Texan football schools.
no doubt Tyler Street will be tough, being State Champs and being in our district, we have our hands full. any other schools thinking they can rise up and dethrone the Street?
Can anyone tell me when the first TAPPS district basketball games are played? I have looked everywhere and can't find a date. Thanks.

Coach Branham

it depends on your own district. that should have been done last school year after playoffs.. check to see who is in your district and call the district president. call me if you have any questions...

Coach Peters