Week 8 Player of the Week


Six-man master
Finally, right!? Last week had multiple delays that led to me just now getting the graphic finished last night.

Anyways, please join me in congratulating the week 8 Player of the Week, Jimmy Soberanes - Prairie Lea Indians. Jimmy led the way for the Indians in their week 8 district win over the McDade Bulldogs, in what would be their first district win since 2016! Jimmy finished the night with 371 rushing yards, on a very impressive 34 yards per carry, and 8 touchdowns. Rushing the ball, he only touched the ball 3 times that didn't end up being a touchdown. He also had a lone reception for 18 yards and 2 tackles.

Congratulations, Jimmy, on a very impressive run game and on your team's first district win in 7 years.


Honorable Mentions
Here are some other players who were mentioned in this week's selection process.

Jackson Rudy - Senior - Conroe Covenant Christian
14/20 passing - 258 yards - 4 touchdowns
13 rushes - 288 yards - 7 touchdowns

Kai Hilliard - Sophomore - Sanderson
7/13 passing - 78 yards
7 rushes - 128 yards - 1 touchdown
38 reception yards
24 tackles - 1 defensive touchdown

Keylyn Streetman - Junior - Savoy
14/21 passing - 222 yards - 3 touchdowns
12 rushes - 166 yards - 2 touchdowns
9 tackles - 2 interceptions

Special thanks to @Leman Saunders, @6manfanNate, and Bobbie Brown from Texas1aFan for helping with the selection process this week. Also, very special thanks to @CowboyP's better half, Brandiloo Photography, for getting me the photos for this week's graphic.