Player Needed for Can-Am Bowl!!!!


Six-man fan

I've had a kid drop out of playing in the Cam-Am Bowl last minute due to his trade college denying him leave to go play. If you think you have a Senior from this past season that would able to represent Team USA and be able to commit to playing on short notice, please let me know asap. If you know of a player from another school as well please let me know. Below are some details to share. I have other flyers and such to share as well. The current team consists of players from Wyoming, Texas, Nebraska, Colorado, and Montana. The kids already selected are All-State caliber players and I would love to take kids from Texas that represent the best of our state.

Dates: June 27-July 6th

Game date is on July 4th.

Cost: FREE, yes, the money has been paid up and there won't be any costs for travel, food, and lodging there and back.
The only cost would be for personal souvenirs and such.

There is one other player from Texas going, so this player would have a travel companion.

I'm sure there a lot more questions that will be asked, but if you have someone in mind, I can get some more info out.

My cell is 806-773-3678
Text is ok

Coach Tritz