One Month til....

Four weeks from Monday (July 5th) ...

All eight schools in our district (Div II, Dist 3) have confirmed they're going to play this fall!
Counting the days ... 13 as of Tuesday, July 20th.

Remember: TAPPS schools must observe DEAD WEEK starting Saturday, July 24 and ending Sunday, August 1. No workouts, open gyms, meetings, parent meetings, etc. Basically, if it involves a student athlete or a parent of a student athlete, you can't do it. Bryan and Edd will be happy (I'm sure) to answer your questions. I'm also sure that the answer will probably be NO.

Practice starts Monday, August 2nd. Anybody starting at midnight?
we're doing a Midnight Madness on that Wednesday night/Thursday morning in full pads... calling it a Falcons Frenzy!!

Coach Peters
The Fulton School
Athletic Director