Oglesby needs Head Coach!!


11-man fan
As of March 27 coach McDaniels has resigned from Oglesby. It has also been confirmed that Coach Lowery Bartow will be taking over all girls sports for the 2008-2009 school year! :shock: :shock:
Im am going to say this in MY OPINION once again MY OPINION.
I feel that with all of the ( interest ) that comes with this position no one will apply but I see it as Former Principle Josh Carty taking the job. Its not just the FEW students but the Faculty that runs off these coaches. The old saying TOO MANY CHIEFS NOT ENOUGH INDIANS. 8)
Its Keeney. And he is our science teacher but will probably never coach again ( his business so Im not saying any more). I wish he would coach again but the main problem is our superintendent.