Middle School Team


11-man fan
There is interest in our school to start a six man football team. We are a private school in Giddings, approximately 60 minutes from Austin and College station and 45 minutes from Brenham. We currently we play flag football and have been losing students in seventh and eighth grade to the lure of tackle football in the public school system.

I believe we can easily raise the funds to get the team started; the issue would be the number of teams in our area.

Any information regarding teams and possible start-up costs would be greatly appreciated.

Check your private message ...

There are a number of schools in the area that play sixman ... several in Austin, Prairie Lea, Bastrop, Brenham, Bellville, Bryan/College Station area ...
Did you end up playing this season?

We are looking for games at New Braunfels Christian Academy


Jeremy Newman
I met with the principal and six man is a go and he will propose to school board soon and push for January start and likely a 2012 inaugural season.
However, I will not wait until January to begin laying the ground work. I would like to get information into the hands of all parents and possible donors within the month along with contacting high school AD and superintendent about using the HS football field.

We are considering each individual purchasing their own equipment along with the school making the buy depending on parent support. I would like to catch the end-of-season sales for equipment this year.

I really need area teams, coaches, and fields contact information to put together a map and “very” preliminary schedule to present to the school board and for parents. [/b] I believe showing possible games and locations along with travel time will help “sell” the program.

We may have to play on Saturdays, does anyone else have games on Saturdays? Our high school plays games on Thursdays and Friday’s so scheduling games on these nights would be near impossible.

There are three other private schools in our district who do not want to start a six man program now, but I feel that if we can get ours started there may be an additional two other teams forming a program in 2013.

Any help from anyone is welcome.