Lometa Basketball - Games Needed for 2021-2022 season

Frank Reyes

New member
Lometa has the following open dates for the 2021-2022 Basketball Season

Sat. Nov. 13 VG and VB
Tues. Nov. 16 VG and VB
Tues. Nov. 23 VG and VB
Tues. Dec. 14 VG and VB
Tues. Dec. 21 VG and VB
Tues. Jan. 4 VG and VB
Fri. Jan. 7 VB
Tues. Jan. 11 VB

Also, if you have JV's, we can schedule them.

Contact Frank Reyes, Lometa Boys Basketball
830-444-6737 (call or text)

Frank Reyes

New member
Update on games needed for Lometa

Contact Frank Reyes III (girls coach) freyes3@lometaisd.org or call/text 830-965-6799

Sat. Oct. 30. scrimmage
Tues. Nov. 2 scrimmage
Sat., Nov. 6
Sat. , Nov. 13
Tues., Nov. 16
Tues., Dec. 14
Tues., Dec, 21
Tues., Dec. 28
Tues., Jan. 4

Contact Frank Reyes II (boys coach) freyes2@lometaisd.org or call/text 830-444-6737

Fri., Jan. 7
Tues., Jan. 11