Just How Bad Could it be or How Good could it be for GC?? #2

Not to offend anyone but I wasnt' surprised by the loss last night. I believe GC is Better than Motley. I don't however, believe they are better than SC. GC is way down this year. They have no bigman/recieving threat to replace Chudej, if thats how you spell it, and really no back that can really fill the shoes of Colunga. Also Blayne Balta, the QB, has never been asked to throw 20-30+ times a game. He has been a 10 pass QB and pitch the ball to colunga since his freshman or soph year. Also including the fact of losing Ian Schafer and Aaron Long on the Oline. Also Reggie Halfman has to step up as the major recieving threat which has also never been his role before. GC is turning a team over from guys who have had to be leaders and had to handle the ball everyplay for the last 2-3 years over to some seniors who are having to take over new roles after playing in their old ones for the last few years. I expect it to be rough for the frist 4-5 games. However I expect Balta to get rid of the jitters, some Oline to step up and protect Balta, Somone besides Peyton Shafer and Reggie Halfman to lay a lick on a kid, and for Reggie Halfman to step up in his new role as the #1 reciever. I think by district these kids will step into these roles. And district is when Ball games start to count for playoffs. Doens't matter if you win 3 games all year if you can win the district with that then that is all that matters. Besides winning but ya'll get it.
I'm aware of that. I saw the game. What i'm saying is I've known the motley kids on this team since they were ten years old and i've been around GC football for the last few years and I just simply believe that the way that game went in the second half is what happend when GC had a half of football under their belts in there new roles. All i am saying is that I would lay down as much cash as anyone wanted that Motley would not win state.
Tex all you ever do is eat your words and make excuses!!! You should have laid that cash down on the MC GC game since you think you know soo much bout MC football!!! RE-READ YOUR POSTS AND SEE HOW MANY TIMES YOU ARE WRONG!!! PATHETIC!!!
rainjacktx":1xjhxc8o said:
Kudos on your prognostication skills, JO.

I never saw the GC meltdown coming.

Not rocket science although I would like to claim that level of expertise ....

Just my thoughts and gatherings:

  • • Lost 2 exceptional ( I mean exceptional ) players.
    • Lost 3 starters that anyone would have loved to have had that had their roles and played them very well.
    • There are NO REPLACEMENTS in the caliber of the 2 exceptional players lost to graduation - that is not meant to demeaning or belittling any way to the current GC players, just fact
    • Concerns about stats being padded and how many pile it on points were scored by the starters while younger players stayed on the bench - very little playing time by non starters
    • A whole different type of talent pool, much less speed and strength and adjustments will have to be made
    • Changes in the coaching staff
    • A whole lot of revenge and pay back built up in opponents

Add a few bad breaks and unforeseen happenings and you have a Recipe for disaster ... but I could be all wet ... I don't see a meltdown, just falling into cold glue.
I do know a pretty good amount about MC football considering a great amount of there team have been some of my great friends since I was about 10 or younger. and I'm sorry if i hurt your feelings by saying MC wasn't as good as GC. I like motley i just don't think they are as good as GC. When MC won state followed them to everygame and was over there cheering everygame. Its no hatred for the boys from Matador. They played a great first half. RUReady I believe i haven't eaten any words. I've stuck to what i started saying in the begining. I think GC is a better team than MC. If you'll recall last season at hico, GC barely pulled out against Calvert but then turned around and beat every team but Borden county by at least 14 in the playoffs. I really don't appoligize for upsetting you in the least because i simply came on here and stated my opinion in a converstation on a message board and your the one that threw your hissy fit. I don't know if you are a representation of motley but as well as i know Mike i don't think he would appreciate a person such as yourself throwing a fit on a message board. Pathetic!!!!!!
I was at the GC - SC game and I saw a GC team that was more physical than I expected and honestly just a more talented team than I expected. These guys
can play some ball, I don't know anything about MC except what I saw when SC played them in the playoffs and I certainly can't say who is truly better all I know is who won. GC has a GREAT coaching staff that will get these guys clicking by the time district rolls around, I'm not a GC fan at all, and I'm proud that
my EAGLES beat them but they are nowhere near a meltdown. I believe they will go to the playoffs, SC beat them but not having a lot of subs cost SC some
bumps and bruises that they didn't need this early in the year. GC will be fine, don't shed any tears for them yet.
Tex90":1p1yeyo9 said:
I'm aware of that. I saw the game. What i'm saying is I've known the motley kids on this team since they were ten years old and i've been around GC football for the last few years and I just simply believe that the way that game went in the second half is what happend when GC had a half of football under their belts in there new roles. All i am saying is that I would lay down as much cash as anyone wanted that Motley would not win state.

Motley County 50

Garden City 44 (OT)

Motley County 8 20 8 8 6 — 50

Garden City 0 8 6 30 0 — 44

I hear ya Tex, and I'm with you. All you haters that are jumping for joy at the fact Garden City is reloading under the disguise of honest discussion. Be real to yourselves, everyone else that can read is not that ignorant. So your only being dishonest with yourself. You know who you are. It does appear progress was made in a big way in the 4th quarter of this game by GC. I find it difficult to believe Motley fans where not a little anxious at the end of this game. And extremely glad it took 3 quarters for GC replacements to learn those roles. Judging by the fourth quarter performance, tremendous progress was made. As far as this weeks loss, SC is a better team than MC. GC losses in OT to a #4 ranked MC, followed by a loss to #2 ranked SC. But GC could be 4-6 at years end, worse yet, its a meltdown. Kinda like Richland Springs has melted down after they lost that tremendously talented group of Ethridge and company. HA!! Poor old GC still has some tough games ahead before District starts. I wonder if you play a very tough, very competitive schedule, it prepares your kids to play at a very high level when district rolls around? When the playoffs roll around? Im going to say OH Ya! 3 time state champion, NO, that will be going to WV this year. But this GC program is not going anywhere. Stupid Haters!
By the way. Big Congrats to Motley County and Sterling City on your wins over the 2 time defending Div 1 State Champions of Garden City. Though they obviously aren't as good as the last 2 years, don't believe that crap of how bad could it be for GC, or they have melted down. You both beat a high quality team.
I don't deny that motley is a pretty good D2 team even a really good D2 team I still just beleive that you won't win a ring if your D can let a team you claim to be better than 30 points in one quarter
Some people just don't get it. The stupid comments about "haters" from people who don't seem to know up from down about sideways about the eb and flow of football teams. Comments on the "crap" of how bad it could be for Garden City this year by people who obviously can't see past their narrow focus of their limited outlook of their personal feelings.

I don't think anyone said Garden City was going to be "crap" this year. Absolutes were pointed out about their team. Facts - about the team. Possible - that is Possible outcomes were pointed out. If people can't have a conversation about the possibilities of an upcoming season without getting their little ole panties in a wad .... Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !! You have to get past blind loyalties and talk about facts.

Things aren't all Roses and Banana Splits in the Garden this year. That is a fact. No one is wishing them ill.

We will see what we will see ... it is a long season ... and as I pointed out at the start of all this .... it could Possibly be a looooooooooooooooooooong season...

Just sayin' guys and gals ...
I am just one person, but you are correct. I do not get it. 2 threads started about same topic. Without going back to count, you appear to be the biggest commentor on said topics. I didn't mean that you literally were a hater. It was an expression I felt described you (JO) simply due to the fact that you will not let this whole attack go, I think pretty much everyone would agree that GC is not as loaded and potent as the previous 2 years. So by highlighting the growing pains and role replacements going on at this quality program it appears you may be at least slightly enjoying it. If not, then whats your game? Do you just want credit for posting a topic about Just how good or bad it could be about a program that lost lots of talent last year, two being exceptional as you say. Ok---congratulations JO. You sure are smart. Whew, and the rest of six man fans thought they were just going to continue on down the road winning State year after year, plugging in holes and never missing a beat forever. Yep, I was expecting GC to be permanetley classified as the sole team in Div 1 and everyone else in Division 2 since GC was never going to slip from the thrones of State material.
By the way, I do not imply that everything, actually anything I say as fact. I am curious as to what makes you believe all your comment are absolutes, and facts? Example, bullet #4. Seems more like grenade chunking than a fact. Again, JUST MY OPINION, so GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ, don't get mad with me.
One other thing, are you by chance a writer, and have articles published by the liberal AP? You just appear to have that talent, lots of conjecture, opinions spun as fact, and knack for being intolerant of other peoples expressions if they differ from your own. AHHHHH, I done got them panties pulled out of that wad. Much better. Thanks.
Simply - bullet 4 - did it or did it not happen ???? Let's remember Rankin among others -- So much for the absolutes and facts tirade. I need not go further there.

Liberal - boy you need to talk to some people who know me .... LOL

Can't see this yet as attacks on GC but do see a protective fan's reaction .. And as for your attempt at a snide remark ( pretty weak ) "Ok---congratulations JO. You sure are smart." Thanks, I appreciate that.

"Whew, and the rest of six man ..... State material." That whole little speech needs a lot of work. Might want to try and rethink and rewrite it....

Oh by the way if you read all of the posts in the threads you will see how some said that kids would step up and fill the shoes of "THE 2". Just wondered how that was gonna happen. They were and all were legit questions and points.

You will over time find that I don't have a personal agenda here, never have over several years and I think the "old heads" on the board will confirm that.

Enjoy --- Again next week will most likely stop the current skid and we shall revisit this again at a later date. Maybe a #3 thread if that is O.K. with you - do I need to get your permission on this ??? I certainly would not want to cause any more anguish to your seemingly sensitive nature.
Starting with a positive--not a liberal? Excellent! Didn't really think that, but I wanted to see what I was dealing with. Had you proudly said yes, I would have knew I was wasting my time.

Bullet 4, sitting out subs to pad starter stats. Did it happen or not? I don't know, but would love to see your reference's to make this claim. Furthermore, I would like to see it fairly compared to other top notch teams of recent years. That would be fair and unbiased. Just throwing that out about GC, IMO, is indeed targeting. I do know that GC has won a very high % of games at the 7th, 8th, and JV levels for several years now. So I would speculate they are being prepared to progress each year. As far as subs at the varsity level, again, I do not know. I believe that may be a coaches decision. Have your starters jump on them early and rotate subs after that, or get your starters as much time as possible to prepare for the playoffs. Regardless, have you made this claim about anyone else?

I'm not a GC fan. I have no ties at all. I do however have tons of respect for the Program, school, and community. It is a good one and I believe you are out of line with some of this. But I could care less if they have a winning season, or make the playoffs. This is a fact!

I do think you are smart if that makes you feel better, but I don't think you are right with your every word. But yes it was snide, sorry it was so weak.

As far as my whole little speech thing, I expressed myself, sarcastically, write or wrong. I am not looking for your approval at all. But I would suggest you go back and read many of your numerous novels you have posted. You are not the final word.

Honestly, I do not think you have a personal agenda. But I have yet to figure out why this topic is so fascinating to you.

I am giving my opinion here. Not to be childish, but I will not respond after this. We are wasting our time. I cant stand people that single others out with a negative posts? You can spin this all you want, but it clearly says just how bad could it be? OOOOOOps #1, oopps #2, may end up 4-6, subs sit bench while starters padded stats. How does one perceive this as anything but being negative and a little gleeful. There is more JO but I'm not going back thru it, you and I are just going to disagree here.
Not personal ... Have followed GC for several years now ... not negative just observations.

Never was anything negative when all of this started ... Just pointed out a few things and it took it's life from there...

You will just have to know that some of the things said are based on very reliable information and observation.

No one ever said anything about padding "starter" stats. Read into that as you may discern.

Agree to disagree - happens all the time - have done it on several occasions on this forum.

And know that your idea of a good program and mine are most surely miles apart ...

You have a nice week ...

You never know ... I may think I am the final word ... Only the Shadow knows ....