11-man fan
Coolidge will be fielding a JV team this year. I have some games scheduled but would be willing to fill my schedule as much as possible. If we have a game scheduled with you and I list it as open I apologize and please remind me of time place and date. Also, at one point I was unsure of the JV status and might have said no. Thanks, Coach Bennett
Sep. 10 - open
Sep. 3 - at Milford
Sep. 17 - at Bynum
Sep. 25 - open
Oct. 8 - at Penelope ?
Oct. 14 - Avalon ?
Oct. 22 - Oakwood ?
Oct. 29 - Apple Springs?
Nov. 5 - Trinidad ?

Would you be interested in bringing your JV team to Bastrop on a Saturday? We have a very young 1st year JV team. Some of my 9th and 10th graders will play on the varsity also, so Saturdays will work best for us. We could bring our JV and Varsity to Coolidge next year. We have a great field with lights. Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

Billy Helm
Bastrop Tribe Consolidated