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11-man fan
Good Evening:

My email is [email protected].

Phone Number: 6822632052

I have coached for 10 yrs but I got arrested for solicitation of a prostitute in October.

I have not been charged but I am looking for someone to give me a chance.

I dont care how much $ I make. I will coach without a stipend. I just need a second chance.

I need someone to have Grace and Mercy on me.

I have coached 6A and 1A.

Thank you,

Douglas Hampton
I don't think I would lead with that arrest thing.
I was in school trouble for a while just on rumors alone. I asked them to call police and investigate properly. Nope, they said they didn't have to and could just ruin a guys career for no good reason if they choose.
So, Just keep pluggin along. Focus on what legal benefits you can bring to a school and only apply to the most desperate schools? Get a warehouse job for a couple of years? Maybe charges will be dropped?
But what do I know. I hadda take 3 different jobs where I was the only applicant and it only took a few days to realize why and I barely made it through the school yr.
Good luck.