Boys Games Needed @ MF Faith Academy


11-man fan
We have had four cancellations within the past week for reasons ranging from football playoffs to folded programs. We are desperate for boys games.<P>Our team will be our first ever boys team. We will be raw, green, and long on talent, but willing. We will play either a JV or a varsity team, whichever you need.<P>These are our openings:<P>11/20<BR> Monday<BR> Home<BR> <BR>11/28<BR> Tuesday<BR> Home<BR> <BR>12/19<BR> Tuesday<BR> Away<BR> <BR>01/02<BR> Tuesday<BR> Away<BR> <BR>01/05<BR> Friday<BR> Home<BR> <BR>01/09<BR> Tuesday<BR> Away<BR> <BR>01/12<BR> Friday<BR> Home<BR> <BR>01/26<BR> Friday<BR> Home<BR> <BR>02/06<BR> Tuesday<BR> Home<BR> <BR>Please email [email protected] if you are interested in one these dates or know of someone who is.<P>Coach Earwood<BR>Faith Academy of Marble FAlls
Coach,<BR> I have had a few cancellations recently myself. I am in need of a home game on Nov.10(friday). call me if you're interested 682-553-2205.<P> God Bless, Coach Brian Rodricks