Avalon Needs Baseball Game March 19

Coach C

We have an opening on Tuesday March 19th. I already have umpires scheduled to be here at 5:00, but would consider a road game within reasonable driving distance. If you are interested call Coach Cole at 254-337-0941.



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Hey if you still need a game that day, I'd like to set up a game. We're up in Chillicothe which is a little bit of a ways away. We could try and meet in Bowie or something about halfway.

Shad Kline

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I believe you might be a little late on this one coach M. This was posted on March 6th of 2013 for a game two weeks later on March 19th 2013.
But who's to say you may not still be able to get a game out of it!!!!
Good luck.


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Yeah I know it was posted a while ago. Just a stab in the dark. I'm trying to fill a schedule here. Games are getting hard to find.