2016 Don Hardin Texas Bowl and Small School Shootout Rosters

Coach Burkhart

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We would love to have you come watch some of the best kids in the state showcase their talent. The Small School Shootout boys and girls all star game will be held on June 10, 2016 @ Early High School Gym in Early Texas. Girls game will begin at 6:30 pm and the Boys game will begin at 8:30 PM. The football game will be held at Early Longhorn Stadium on June 11, 2016 @ 7:30 pm.

The first day of practice will be a combine practice. On June 8th we will have a draft. We are very excited about this awesome event. Please come out and support these kids. Tickets will be $5.00 per person. Coaches are free (Please Bring Your Coaching Pass) Sponsors are free also.

2016 Texas Bowl Small School Shootout (Girls)

Coaches: Todd Rutledge- Littlefield / Janene Jesko - Lazbuddie
Marcia Glasgow- Sidney / Shannon Buffe- Sidney

Heather Manos- Aspermont
Mattie Brooks- Motley County
Natalie Jameson- Motley County
Kennadee Buchanan- Valley
Shailee Manning- Ira
Tatum Richey- Borden County
Chasity Williams- Zephyr
Codi Perkins- Zephyr
Hailee Ashworth- Richland Springs
Bralei Lusty- Richland Springs
Rosalin Munoz- Sidney
Taylor Hall- Sidney
Taviann Waller- Silverton
Iridian Fernandez- Lazbuddie
Alicia Gutierrez- Garden City
Ali Smith- Paducah
Marci Martin- Richland Springs
Camrie Neudorf- Hart

2016 Texas Bowl Small School Shootout (Boys)

Coaches: Joshua Johnson- Wichita Christian / Matt Henderson- Wichita Christian
Benny Weaver- Mullin

Trey Meador- Aspermont
Braiden Jones- Grady
Jack Haley- Brownwood Victory Life
Kyle Molter- Lometa
Ivan Jasso- Lometa
Reed Moore- Lometa
Matthew Weaver- Mullin
Tony Reed- Water Valley
Jake Jackson- Robert Lee
Jordan Chasteen- Blanket
Colten Enriquez- Santa Anna
Bryce Byrd- Nazarene Christian
Luke Geeo- Nazarene Christian
Frankie Serra- Nazarene Christian
David Allen- Oakwood
Zakary Nunn- Romeo Preparatory
Ashton Beauchamp- Baird
Isaiah Cruz- Baird

(We still have a few more spots left if any of you coaches would like to nominate a player)

2016 Don Hardin Texas Bowl

Coaches: Jeremy Phillips - Rochelle / Brandon Johnson- Rochelle
John Cherry- Cedar Park Summit / Cody Martin: Cedar Park Summit/ Chris George - San Marcus Hill Country
Jason George - San Marcus Hill Country

Cole Parham- Sterling City
Jonathan Garrett- New Home
Cort Laird- Faith West Academy
Isaiah Mendoza- Balmorhea
James Garcia- Balmorhea
Bryan Salinas- Richland Springs
Marty Flores- Rochelle
Zach Flatt- Happy
Tyler Wells- Cedar Park Summit
Trevor Tanzola- Cedar Park Summit
Nate Roskens- Groom
Austin Fowler- Robert Lee
Beau Cheatham- Sidney
Jaun Venegas- Milford
Bryant Taylor- Motley County
Bryce Brady- Motley County
Hero Douglas- NYOS
Toby Florence- Blanket
Isaac Enriquez- Garden City
Jose Hernandez- Wilson
Defense: 23 Hailee Ashworth - Richland springs
Offense: 12 Rosalin Munoz - Sidney

Offense : 24 Bryce Byrd - Nazarene
Defense: 4 Colten Enriquez -Santa Anna

Everyone come out and see some great football both rosters are stud filled!