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    Onside kick attempt blocking

    That’s a key point of confusion for me. I can’t find any rule that speaks to this. Everything I see in both TAPPS and NCAA rules indicate that a receiving player crossing the retraining line doesn’t matter. That act (crossing the restraining line) doesn’t make the ball live and blocking...
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    Onside kick attempt blocking

    I’m trying to understand when players on the kicking team can make contact with players on the receiving team? I’m specifically looking for TAPPS application. I don’t see wording in their rules that speaks to this aspect but I believe they follow NCAA rules which states “A kicking player may...
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    College opportunities?

    First time poster, and short time reader of this forum so apologies if this isn’t the best spot for the question. Historically have any 6 man players transitioned to 11 man college ball successfully? Is it more likely at the skill positions that the 6-man game is built around or big boys that...