Coaches at 4 day week schools - Like? Dislike? What are your thoughts?

I just wanted to hear your thoughts and opinions on 4 day weeks. What are the positives? The negatives?
I do coach at a 4 day week school. I will say the 4 day week is very nice, I do enjoy that. I would say a big downside is on Fridays a lot of my players would sleep in super late and wake up all groggy and slow. I did end up making my players show up to the school a couple hours early to get their minds right for the game.
Going from a 5 day week my first year to a 4 day week at Wilson was a great change. I don't know if I could go back. Friday's off aren't too bad. I do get my guys up to the gym pretty early just to make sure they are focus and ready for the game that day. Toward the end of the year it also helps me spend a little more time with family, gives the kids the opportunity to be a kid, a break from school work throughout the year, and I find it helps coaches and teachers relax, lower their stress, and help with their mental health.
It’s been four years for me being at a school that is a four day school week. Structuring things changed but I feel it all changed for a positive.

It’s not a four day work week for a coach obviously, but taking away a day of school daily stresses while focusing strictly on athletic side of things is a huge advantage.

I can visit with anyone that wants to see how we organize our weeks

I will say this.

I’m not sure if I could go back.

But the main thing to remember

We all get the same time allotted
Have enjoyed having Fridays off. During the season, we brings the kids up around noon to feed them lunch, we watch a movie, go through a little walk through. After all of that, we give them a long break time (they stay at the school). Around 5 we start game prep. Do the same during bball season.