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    Why/when did 45'ing teams become so popular

    I played in the 70"s and there was lot's of 45ing going on then
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    Best six-man players of all-time

    There is no doubt that Beltran should be on the list, I played against him in 1976 (I know older than dirt) and he would either go through you or around you and score.
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    25 Days of Champions -- 1987 Lohn

    Covington left Lohn and went back to Brady his Senior year. He still holds the record for the 300 hurdles at 38,75. My opinion on the grease though is William used to wear a little on his hair, but I would have to say to the Coach that made the comment that you can't tackle what you can't catch...
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    six man

    What ya'll think Richland Springs in line for nine.
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    All State 2016

    Just wondering is the young man from Richland that kicked field goal after field goal not mentioned or did I just miss it with my bad eye sight?
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    Destined for GREATNESS. - The final episode!

    Very enjoyable I watched all episode's Great Job Thanks Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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    Milford Bulldogs next year

    Before I say Merry Christmas and head off for a break I just have to find out if a rumor I heard was true. Rumor has it Da Goob is out in some cave around Ellis Crossing working on two of the greatest coyote players to ever clear (sorry got carried away) wear a coyote uniform. Rumor has it he...
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    Milford Bulldogs next year

    You still have to beat the King of the hill to become the king of the hill.
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    Congrats u 8

    Good job Coyotes and Coaching Staff.
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    One game I thought was good was when RS played Lometa in San Saba. The wife and I were setting in the stands by a couple of deer hunters who drove a long ways just to watch RS play. I believe at the half it was RS 16 and Lometa 8. The one hunter said to the other one I thought this RS team was...
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    Broadcasts - State Semifinals

    A bad group of smelly critters.
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    BE you're are very correct there was a lot of us in the 70's that wanted to play for Coach Wood's but didn't want to lay out for a year. After watching TE play for four years I'm surprised you were not called daily by other teams. A player like TE doesn't come around very often he was fun to watch.
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    State predictions?

    Jerry and the Coyotes in Jerry's World should be a good one. I'll take RS on this one and I wouldn't miss it at all, already told the boss I need off Dec.14th at lunch.
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    Destined for Greatness - Episode #7

    Enjoyed Episode #7 Thanks