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    Freshman Rigdon at Strawn

    Old folks you are super delusional if you think Throckmorton could hold rigdons jockstrap. I think you have been out of the home too long. Might need to go take a nap with Creepy Joe for awhile. Legend versus a whatabe. Stay Prickly! PS bed time is coming shortly Jonesboro 2022 state Champs
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    Jonesboro vs May

    I really am glad they are letting you out of the nursing home on a regular basis these days. Even got to go to a big boy restaurant besides the nursing home cafeteria. you had an eventful night and to think it was a Thursday night! I am glad you have all weekend to recoup after such a long...
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    PANTIE WAD ALERT!!!!!! Eddie the Eagle is clearly upset about these posts. I didnt try and sugar coat anything and meant exactly what I said there Private School Fan. I will state it again. Private School Football Players and Public School Players are BUILT completely different. Private schools...
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    I have been a sixman football fan and spectator for over 20 years. In those twenty years I have seen maybe 10-20 TAPPS (Totally Awesome Pom Pom Squad) upset of top Public Schools. They consistently beat the private schools. I have relatives that go to private schools and play football. I can...
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    Early season predictions

    Outsider, are you "Sodapop" or "ponyboy"?! Anyways, TAPPS (Tiny Athletes Pediatric Preparation Services) has a team that will turn some heads every now and then and they usually have to follow similar rules as the UIL. other crackerjack leagues can do what they want because they are ran by nuts...
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    Early season predictions

    I am not real familiar with the TCAF (Tiny Children's Association of Football), but I would also think that my wall eyed warthog and SFAs castrated meerkat could compete in that league. TAPPS (Texas Association of Paprika, Pepper and Salt) is far more superior. Just my opinion so dont get your...
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    Time For a Comeback!

    OLD FOLKS, I sure am glad this site is back up and you haven't died in the Cuomo Nursing Home debacle. Glad that dude resigned....."killing Grannies and Smackin Fannies". Anyway thanks the man! Gotta Go, Walter and Sweet Tea are having a playdate. Stay Prickly. Bear
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    State championship predictions

    Well Girls and Scrubs, it has been real this year. Walter and I are gonna make our final picks of the season. Walters right eye spies a Richland Springs victory. He said you dont bet against a yote with multiple rings! Richland Springs by 24. Walters left eye spies a May victory. He said he...
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    Semi round picks

    Well, the Trojans let me down in my picks. Story of my life but anyway. Walter and me went and got us a live turkey for thanksgiving. I go out to prepare it and Walter is playing with this turkey so we now have a new friend cause I just couldn’t kill it. Still working on a name so give me...
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    Quarterfinal picks

    Well the field is narrowing but Walters eyes aren’t! I swear he is worse everyday. Thinking about changing his name to sloth like at ol boy off the goonies. He kinda looks like him. Here are my third round picks. Some of you smarter educated peoples can tell me what my record is. D-1: Borden by...
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    Area round picks

    Well, Walters bracket was busted as we lost 2 of our games in Division 1. I will give it a shot though for this round. Walter might have picked them correct but the way his eye looks off I just dont know. Wild Wild West: Knox City (16) Borden Co. (45) Westbrook (45) Rankin (30) Beast from the...
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    Who's going State?

    Old Folks Home, thank you for worrying about Walter. He is doing good now that I got him fenced in and he cant get out to the Big Cat Habitat. That dude has a death wish or something sheesh! Oldies, I am glad you are getting out and about this week for a game, good thing you dont live in New...
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    Who's going State?

    Sweet T is a wise meerkat. Rankin is the team to beat. Everyone in the East is playing for second place. Golden Oldies....take it easy on those crackers! You might want to chase them with some applesauce or grape juice. Sweet T is right about the East being as soft as charmin. They don’t play...
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    Saint Jo @ Union Hill

    Old folks home my internet ain’t good enough to download those videos. In East Texas y’all must have the good netzero. You are such a math magician too! Congrats. Glad you can watch games Friday nights on the nursing home field trips but what do y’all do after high school football is over? Back...
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    Saint Jo @ Union Hill

    Well my warthog just arrived and it looks like he has something wrong with his eyes. He cnt look at me straight on so he turns his head to look at me. I think I will name him Walter or Wally for short since I call this wall eyed. Dont trust the dark web folks. Speaking of folks.....old folks...