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    State picks!!

    Well folks, DII State is set! Balmorhea and Richlands springs. A rematch from 2016. Do y’all think the bears can get revenge? Or will Richland springs pull a W once again? I personally feel if Balmorhea actually plays the first half, they can pull this out by 12+. But if they have a slow start...
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    Avalon team to beat i

    This didn’t age well at all
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    Is Balmorhea the most over-rated team of the year>

    This is just plain dumb. Balmorhea didn’t show up to the rankin game. That’s one loss. This is the same team that beat McLean. They didn’t back down to Crockett.Idk what you’re on but I would advise you get off it.
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    Balmorhea vs Garden city

    Can you be a little more clear. Both coaches are jones. Vance jones and Jeff Jones
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    Balmorhea vs Garden city

    How’s is this one gonna go? I don’t think anyone expected this. Rankin with the upset over balmorhea and Garden city with the upset over sterling. I think it’s gonna be a good one. Balmorhea 45ed Garden city in the regular season but it’s been a crazy week and everyone knows it’s equally crazy...
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    #1 Balmorhea vs #4 Rankin

    I see balmorhea coming out on top, I think balmorhea will have rankin’s number for the next 3 years due to the fact that balmorheas jv 45ed rankins at half.