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    Whats wrong with Aquilla

    aquilla looks rough to open the season getting 45'ed twice already does not look very impressive. What happened? were their seniors all they had or what? schedule doesn't look any easier either
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    Coaching Carousel

    That is not always a good thing depending on that relationship. I just was saying I think he is a good coach and will be successful anywhere he goes, Aquilla is lucky to have him even though i am a rival of theirs can he coach football too? need to try to recruit him
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    Coaching Carousel

    by bballlove30 » Wed Apr 03, 2019 10:35 am What about the young head basketball coach at Aquilla. I saw him coach against us and in a tournament and he seemed to have turned that program around. Something like a 13 win turn around and with the same kids. They played hard for him and seemed to...