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    Numbers Thread

    Bluff Dale - 12
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    Open Bluff Dale scrimmage 8/18

    Bluff Dale looking to add team to Aug. 18th scrimmage. 9036381467 or
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    Filled Bluff Dale Week 5

    Bluff Dale needs week 5. Home or away. Wade Johnson 9036381467
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    Bluff Dale VG/VB Open Dates

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    Bluff Dale VG/VB Open Dates

    Nov. 29th - VG/VB Dec. 13th - VG or 9036381467
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    Open Bluff Dale Teacher/Coach

    Bluff Dale ISD is currently accepting applications for Assistant JH/HS Football (Possible DC depending on exp.), Assistant HS Boys Basketball, & Spring Sport TBD. This position is a 10 month contract plus 15 paid days for month of July. Bluff Dale ISD pays above state base and a coaching stipend...
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    Playoff Warm-Up Game

    Bluff Dale is looking for a playoff warmup game this Friday. Wade Johnson 9036381467
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    Bluff Dale Week 4

    Bluff Dale is in need of a week 4 home game. Wade Johnson 9036381467