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    Whitharral needs JV game Sept 23 or 24

    Prefer to play at home on the 23rd. Will look at all options. Contact Coach Linman Thanks
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    JH B Team Games and JV Games

    Whitharral needs to schedule some JH "B" football games all weeks available. We also will need JV games for weeks 8, 9, 10, and 11. Thanks! Contact Coach Linman 970-520-8890
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    Whitharral is looking for teams to fill our scrimmage on Aug 20. We are also looking to join a scrimmage on the first scrimmage date. Coach Linman 970 520 8890
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    ISO Full or Partial Set of Dumbbells

    Contact Coach Linman Miami ISD (970) 520-8890
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    Watch the Six Man Championships

    They alternate it so one division isn't playing the early game every year.
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    Miami Needs Week 3 (sept 11) JH and HS game

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    Miami Needs Week 3 (sept 11) JH and HS game

    We will be young and could play a JV team..