Winner for D2-D1!! Let’s talk!!


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It’s been a long while since I have posted. Would love some good football arguments! Here is how i see this district playing out!!!

Follett wins the district hands down

Miami places second

Hedley get third

Lefors is fourth

Darrouzett fifth

In my own opinion follett takes this district with only having one decent game against Miami. Miami was my number two because well I could not justify putting anyone else on top of them.. anyway the number 3 spot and 4 spot was a tough one for me hedley has produced a some what decent team this year way improved from the past if they can continue winning and learn some tradition they may give Miami a run for second.. But at the same time they could fall back into there same product by seasons end. Having a team good enough to be champion or runner up and not know how to finish games due to no traditional winning.. lefors could very well bounce to third as well.. I was noticing a lot of games not scheduled for lefors.. wondering on what’s going on there and how that will play out as far as no games?? Anyone have information on that? From what I can see they only play Follett and Miami so I’m curious on what’s going on there? Lastly darrouzett.. everyone loves the underdog! I love seeing upsets!! Hope they stir the district some how!!

Someone share your opinion on the district!!! Let’s argue!!!