What a Game!


10/16/2020 at Richland Springs, Texas---1A/6-MAN FOOTBALL----Richland Springs 84---Cherokee 81.
This is one of the toughest fought football game I have ever seen. Watch it at sansabaradio.com and you will see what I mean. The coach's son saved the day, making an impossible first down on sheer determination with under a minute to go, and if Cherokee had had another possession, they would have have won. Some of the players looked like they might not make it back to the line of scrimmage. Bryant played with a sprained ankle. Legs were cramping and fans were stomping. Both teams fought to the end, and yet, they helped each other up after many plays. What a game!


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You just had to see it....Cherokee may have had a better team but RS has no give up and always expects to win..It’s a tradition...

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Knowing just how good Cherokee was last year....I am thinking one of three things are happening.
1. Cherokee's seniors talked the rest of their athletic basketball team into playing football.
2. The orphans home in Cherokee has gotten a knew influx of athletes.
3. RS is not nearly good enough to win state this year.
All three are possible reasons for Cherokee to almost beat RS.


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Cherokee played with 0 seniors last year. Every single one of the starters from friday night were the starters from last year. These kids greatly improved over the course of a year. They did not convince anyone to join from their basketball team, and they did not have an influx of new kids.The same kids that got 45'd by half last year, put up 81 points on RS.


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While Cherokee should be very very proud of themselve, let us not get carried away for a few reasons. First, could grades and/or COVID played a role? Even if it was Richland's best against against Cherokee's best, RS last year almost lost to Aquilla during the regular season. Richland also 45ed most teams in the playoffs with a few exceptions. With JB at the helmet, Richland always has a chance to win it all.

Conversely, Cherokee might win the state title! To quote the Niners in Paris song "this a big win, we ain't even supposed to be here, *chorus I ball so hard* but since we here we after one thing and we clear, it's a title!" We shouldn't Cherokee think they can it all after going the distance with the champ!? I think Rochelle, Lometa, or San Saba need to get their fields ready for the San Saba County Championship Game rematch in the playoffs!


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I think it's pretty obvious. The loss of Mathew Rigdon has ruined Richland Springs chance at winning state this year and on the same note it's the reason that Cherokee was able to play so closely with last year's champs. Richland does not have a chance without the Rigdons, or without JB recruiting some more kids like all the years before.


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Oh good grief, here we go again. The sun can't rise until the Rigdons get out of bed. I'm surprised they didn't just close the school down when they left. One game where the defense gets whipped and suddenly the team becomes unable to win a game. Let's just see what happens week after week.


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I never stated that Richland springs is unable to win a ,obviously that's not true because they are undefeated this year. That being said they're schedule has nothing but weak so far, with there hardest opponent being Cherokee last week. I stated that the loss of Mathew Rigdon has removed them from the championship conversation, unless JB does what he always does and recruits outside talent.