Westbrook vs May

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Congrats to you and WB super game. I’ll eat my crow and take the jabs that are coming. Still proud of May. Still proud to be part of Tiger Nation. Gotta stop in at Teskey’s maybe buy a new saddle to get my mind straight. Lol.
Since you said you would take your jabs....WV beat Westbrook by 20....buuuut that was with #7 LOL. Anyhow, great season to both May and WB. Two great programs! What an awesome game!


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Fencelineguy thanks for all the back and forth trash talking lol. It was good fun done in good spirits. Congrats again on a great season with your son and the WB team. Enjoy it. It was well deserved. Hats off to to you sir and to a great WB team. Go May Go.
Same to you bud, enjoyed the trash talk this past week. May can hold their heads up cause that was a hell of a Game. Wish we could've got that photo opp as well, but hey raincheck for next year.....
West What???



Both teams played their hearts out. What I loved most about the game is the sportsmanship from both teams. Sad that our Tigers lost, but proud for Westbrook at the same time. Very classy organization! What a great season of 6-man football!

The sportsmanship was good for the most part. The last play of the game wasnt very sportsmanlike. And while shaking hands there was another few episodes from a different player. But overall it was two teams beating on each other and helping each other up.