Week 5 Games of the Week


Couple big games to look at as big easily..

White Deer vs BC
Strawn Vs Milford

I will be looking closely at Gordon vs Blanket just as a measuring stick

Knox City vs Bryson looks interesting

Oakwood vs Calvert might be a good one to watch

Spur vs Ropes could be a barn burner

And since Gordon has Zephyr for homecoming next week, I certainly want to see how they do against May!

What does everyone else look forward to?


For me, I'm mainly interested in the White Deer vs. Borden County game. It's going to be a good measuring stick to see just how improved BC is this year.

Also, I'll be looking at ...

Rankin vs. Garden City
Balmorhea vs. Grandfalls


Blue Bird":12jyhffn said:
Now that Blanket has had their wake up call, they are a physical team and might upset Gordon.

I have been looking at this game since the schedules came out and the dust settled from the coaching carousel. Up until a couple weeks ago, it would have been Gordon trying to pull off the upset over Blanket according to the rankings and pre-season predictions.

Blue Bird

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I was told that Zephyr's RB did not play against Gorman, but he will at their homecoming against May. It will probably make the point spread much more accurate.


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The rankin @ garden city game should be a good one I don't think rankin will roll over GC like some have said. I predict it will be a close game with a good chance that GC comes out ahead.